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The Lodge Dominion No.848 was solemmly reactivated on the 17th of March 2012. The consecration of the lodge was carried out by the Grand Master of the American Canadian Grand Lodge, MW Brother Paul Litteral. The Master of the Lodge Jean Pierre Schwentzer was installed at the consecration by the ACGL Grand Master and his team.

The former Lodge which was a Canadian Lodge became inactive in 1993 when the Canadian Armed Forces withdrew from the area of Baden Baden. The reactivated lodge will work in the French language as most of its members are french speaking and just across the border in France.

American Canadian Grand Lodge

Within the

United Grand Lodges of Germany
Brotherhood of Freemasons

Stated Communications: 19:30 (8:00 pm), 3rd Friday of the month.
Address: Vincenti Strasse No. 8, Baden-Baden